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Every organization cares about people and material safety. Very few take it seriously! Using OccuSafe, make your HSE processes SMARter and your workplace saFER!

The Power of Technology

Use the power of digital technology to manage your HSE processes without affecting a single tree while ensuring all compliances

Data Driven Insights

Use data smartly to identify the lags in your processes, response times and actions to maintain and attain world class safety standards

Interactive design

Use our simple but powerful editors to report incidents, track actions, suggest and implement ground level corrections and make your work conditions better and safer

When reporting, be objective! Accurately report the incidents giving crystal clear details using our interactive injury marker and document RCA and CAPA

SHORTCUTS CUT LIFE SHORT! Identify and correct all unsafe conditions and reward people for clicking a button for a good cause!

It takes leadership to improve safety! Allow your people to report an unsafe act using our mobile app, take corrective actions and save lives!

Think smart before you start. ! Document all risks associated with your processes to ensure a risk free, environment friendly and optimal operations

Safety is 30% common sense and 80% compliance! Regular audits help companies stay on top. Manage, record and automate all audit documents, action items and close open points to score a perfect 100!

Housekeeping you skip may cause a fall or slip ! Manage versions using ISO standard change management and document management processes – all completely automated

Trust, but verify! Identify , document, publish and strive to lower the risk levels of your processes

Look before your leap! Document, identify and ensure all is good before you start your processes


OccuSafe’s team of analysts are more than developers and sales people. We handhold the deployment of OccuSafe for your company ensuring not only a complete working solution but also training and adoption of OccuSafe in your organization and only leave a “SMARFER” organization!

In-Premise/ Cloud deployment

We offer in-premise as well as cloud hosting options to suit your IT and security needs while keeping ease of use in mind

Custom Development

We understand that you might have your own ways of doing stuff! Nothing wrong and we are happy to learn and implement your requirements to your satisfaction

Modular Approach

Rome and Occusafe both weren’t built in a day! We understand you might want to start slow. Hence we offer our modules on piece-a-meal basis to help you adopt gradually and spend when you are convinced!

Open Data

We believe your data is yours and IT IS YOURS. We provide RESTful APIs of data and hence can integrate with any of your existing application in your environment


Safety is a serious issue! We do realise that you will have a lot of questions. We cannot even imagine to answer all but we have made a humble attempt for a few common questions.

  • What is the pricing ?

    Our pricing, like our solutions are customer specific. The reason is our process. We first understand your requirement as we realise that there cannot be a off-the-shelf solution which serves all. We request you to get in touch and one of our sales representative will be happy to get in touch and address your queries at the earliest

  • Yes and No. As by now you would have known, we believe in SMARFER working. We have a mobile application but intended for specific purpose like viewing the dashboard and reporting unsafe acts and conditions. Ease of use of users takes precedence for us over "everyone has it!" philosophy

  • Technology, our business, has this covered! Our team of experts will use a host of tools to ensure a satisfactory solution, while ensuring complete hygiene and guess what..SAFETY!

  • We are a bunch of tech enthusiasts backed the grand old Deepak Group! We are a 16 member team focused on solving problems using technology. Read about us on our website

  • As we said, our motto is to ensure a healthy and safe organization. Drop us a line below and we shall get in touch right away and set the ball rolling in no time!



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